Observations of a Recluse

Welcome to this blog my sisters. I hope you don’t find the prose too clunky and inarticulate, but understand that when one uses her voice for the first time in many years, it takes some time to muster the rhetorical steam necessary for grace and clarity.

This blog is an attempt to reconnect with humanity after an extended period of self-imposed isolation from the world. Unpacking the reasons for this is the aim of my current therapy, and I hope to share some of the lessons I’ve learned with you in the hope that you will share your life lessons with me, and we can heal together.

Those of you with eyes like shite-house rats will have noticed that I referred to you as sisters. This is based on the assumption that you are wimmin, but I will ask no questions if you are respectful and allow wimmin’s voices to be heard: there is not enough of that in the world right now, hence this blog.

I use womon/wimmin as a signifier of my own political stance: Gender-critical radical feminist and socialist. These are the lenses I view my life and the world. I may be a semi-recluse, but I watch the world and listen to its voices and I feel the distress, disappointment and anger it creates in me. I think it’s time to emerge from under my rock and show solidarity with sisters who feel the same way.

My writings will be a mishmash of random observations and rants on a mix of topics that get me going: wimmin, right-wing politics, gender issues, chronic illness and mental health, and especially language. Language is deeply ideological, and the control of discourse is how power is maintained. It is, therefore, important that wimmin ‘own’ language and the ability describe and define their experiences. Hopefully, I can raise consciousness of how public discourses have an impact on us so we can move forward and create change for ourselves, our descendants and our foremothers who were denied this right but whose stories have to be told.

Yours with love and solidarity,

The hermitess




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